Manual Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment


Mobile Manual RHGSE with standard Three Groove Capstans, and MagSens.
NSN# Not Assigned


Mobile Manual RHGSE with standard Three Groove Capstans. (Does not include MagSens.)

NSN# 3950-01-580-0783


Manually operated by hand cranking while extending and automatic while retracting.

Capstans and Pressure Roller Arms

The load is transmitted to the cable using two capstan drive rollers. Each roller is precisely sized to accommodate the cable and feeding it into the rotating tub. The capstans are made from a material that maintains high friction between the cable and the rollers, even if the cable is lubricated. The cable is held tight against the capstans by two pressure roller arms at the entry and exit tangent points where the cable makes contact.

Standard Three Groove Capstans

For the three groove versions, the upper capstan and the lower capstans are made of different hardness material. The lower capstan is harder to react to the load and the upper capstan is softer to provide a good grip on the cable.

Load Indication System

The load indication system uses a load cell to measure the torque in the system and visually displays the load in the cable.

Lubridryer Assembly

The cable is cleaned, dried and can be lubricated using the Lubridryer. The Lubridryer includes replaceable pads that clean the wire and also can be used to provide lubrication to the cable. If the rotating tub has been filled with fresh water to wash the saline residue off the cable, shop compressed air is fed to the Lubridryer to dry the cable as it is reeled back on the rescue hoist. The Lubridryer is equipped with an oil and air shut off to stop the flow of oil and air when not in use.

Easily Transportable

Easily transported by one person, forklift or tug.

Optional Accessories


Magnetic Rescue Hoist Cable Inspection System
NSN# 3950-01-580-1775

The cable structural integrity is measured using the MagSens head. The system requires a customer supplied laptop computer to interface with the system electronics via a USB cable to measure and record permanent records of the cable structural integrity.

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Protective Cover used on the Manual and Electric RHGSE (Top only, color black).
NSN# Not Assigned

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Technical Specifications

  • Maximum load retracting 600 lbs / 272.7 kg
  • Minimum load retracting 10 lbs / 4.5 kg
  • Maximum load extending 20 lbs / 9.1 kg
  • Maximum speed- unlimited
  • Maximum length cable- 300 ft / 91.44 m
  • Length - 28 in / 71.1 cm
  • Width – 33 in / 83.8 cm
  • Height – 52 in / 132.1 cm
  • Weight - 580 lbs / 263.6 kg