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Does the RHGSE work with any rescue hoist?
Yes, the RHGSE will work with any rescue hoist style. The capstans may vary depending on the size of the rescue hoist cable.
Does the RHGSE come with the Lubridryer Assembly?
Yes all of our RHGSE comes with the Lubridryer Assembly and 1 tub of pads. You will need to order replacement pads for future usage.
ITAR regulated?
RHGSE, RHTS, MagSens, AxelCut, and DarkLight are NOT ITAR regulated.
Commercial off the shelf?
All our equipment is commercial off the shelf (COTS).
Is training available?
Training on the RHGSE is optional, but is available. Please go to our Services page to get the latest information on RHGSE training.

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