About Zephyr

Zephyr International LLC is a small woman owned business and is a registered CCR contractor cage code 3CAT3. We are located just 30 mins from Myrtle Beach Airport, in Conway South Carolina, USA.

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Elizabeth Bielsa-Mitchell is the majority owner, Treasurer and Executive Administrator.

Michael Mitchell is the minority owner and President. Mr. Mitchell is a degreed mechanical engineer and has extensive experience in design, testing, manufacturing, field support and is a subject matter expert on the topic of helicopter rescue hoists and wire rope.

Zephyr International LLC  was formed by Elizabeth and Michael in 2002 to fill the gap between the aircraft OEMs, hoist OEMs, and rescue hoist users and maintainers. They realized that the users were on their own in trying to integrate the hoist usage and maintenance with the aircraft documentation.  Hence, they pioneered customer-centric rescue hoist maintenance training in 2002; because at that time the OEMs did not offer rescue hoist maintenance training.

Zephyr introduced the AxelCut emergency cable cutter as a backup to the CAD on the rescue hoist in 2003.  Since then the AxelCut and the QuickSplice, which is a temporary emergency rescue hook, have been mounted together to make up the E-Kit.  The E-Kit provides the capability to cut the cable and use a temporary hook, in an emergency situation, in order to complete the rescue mission.

Zephyr has developed a patented method of maintaining the rescue hoist and its cable as required by the hoist OEMs without having to fly the helicopter, in a safe and efficient manner.   The Zephyr Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment (RHGSE) was introduced in 2005.  The RHGSE provides the capabilities of protecting, tensioning, cleaning, drying, and lubricating the rescue hoist cable as required by the hoist OEMs after each mission and/or at hoist and cable maintenance times, without having to fly the helicopter.

In addition, along with the RHGSE, Zephyr developed a method of  inspecting  the rescue hoist cable with the introduction of the Zephyr Rescue Hoist Magnetic Inspection System, (MagSens™) in 2005.  The MagSens system provides the rescue hoist maintainer the capability to measure and record locations of defects/indications, both internally and externally,  in the rescue hoist cable and provides a permanent record of the inspection results in a matter of minutes.

Zephyr also designs, develops, and provides complete turnkey intermediate and depot level Fixed Hoist Test Facilities (FHTF) for any rescue hoist.

Zephyr strives to provide superior customer support to the users of our equipment who work to save lives and maintain freedoms every day.


For more information contact us at info@zephyrintl.com.