ZGS-10000-5 Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your ZGS-10000-5 or ZGS-10000-5-1 with:


Hydraulic RHGSE Upgrade and Maintenance Kit. (Includes the Four Groove Capstans, Work Platform, & RHGSE Maintenance Kit)


Hydraulic RHGSE Upgrade and Maintenance Kit plus Cover. (Includes the Four Groove Capstans, Work Platform, RHGSE Maintenance Kit &
Protective Cover)


The RHGSE upgrade kit gives you more capability to perform
preventative maintenance of your hoist and cable easily and cost-effectively.

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ZGS-10457-1: Work Platform

The work platform was designed after it was observed that many hoist maintainers were standing on the hydraulic oil tank of the RHGSE, in order to reach the rescue hoist. It was developed to allow the RHGSE to double as a working platform to work on the rescue hoist. It is a retrofitable kit that only requires match drilling four holes and the assembling of the platform to the RHGSE. The height of the platform allows easy access to external hoists on medium-lift helicopters such as the UH60, NH90, S92, Bell-412 and similar size helicopters.

ZGS-10487-3: Cover (Top Only, Color Black)

The protective cover was designed to protect the asset from moisture based
corrosion; from sand, dust, and microbe contaminates; from salt and sulfur
based pollutants; from Ultra Violet light degradation. The cover is lightweight,
packable, easily installed and removed, field repairable and cleanable with soap
and water.

Designed for the Hydraulic RHGSE with Work Platform.

ZSB-015: Upgrade Kit to 4 Groove Capstans

The Hydraulic RHGSE was originally intended to be used for Preflight, Post flight, and daily maintenance of the rescue hoist cable. The user community has various technical criteria from the hoist OEMs maintenance manuals that have resulted in the RHGSE being used at higher loads, and at higher speeds on a regular basis than was originally envisioned. At the higher loads and speeds, the capstans wear faster and the slippage between the cable and the capstan increases. The result of the excessive wear is excessive slip on the capstans and increased twist on the cable between the capstans and the Rotatub. By increasing the number of turns on the capstan, slippage is reduced considerably. And, by making the first groove stainless steel the wear on the first groove due to higher constant loading is reduced significantly

ZMT-100-1 RHGSE Maintenance Kit

The purpose of the Maintenance Kit is to readily have on hand the special tools needed to perform the tasks of measuring the capstans and adjusting the clutch drum of the RHGSE. Following the
recommendations for preventative maintenance as stated in the manual will keep the RHGSE in the best operating condition possible and will extend the life of the Zephyr RHGSE.