Work Platform for the Hydraulic RHGSE

The Work Platform is for use only with the Hydraulic RHGSE and was designed after it was observed that many hoist maintainers were standing on the hydraulic oil tank of the RHGSE, in order to reach the rescue hoist.  The Work Platform was developed to allow the RHGSE to double as a working platform to work on the rescue hoist.

It is a retrofitable kit that only requires match drilling four holes and the assembling of the platform to the RHGSE.  The height of the platform allows easy access to external hoists on medium-lift helicopters such as the Black Hawk, NH90, or Bell-412.

ZGS-10457-1   Work Platform for use on the Zephyr Hydraulic Rescue Hoist Ground Support Equipment (RHGSE)

Designed to work with the rescue hoist on medium lift helicopters, such as UH60, NH90, S92, Bell-412, and similar size helicopters.