RHGSE Maintenance Kits

The purpose of the RHGSE Maintenance Kits is to readily have on hand the special tools needed to perform the tasks of measuring the capstans and adjusting the clutch drum to the Zephyr RHGSE.  These two maintenance tasks, when performed correctly, will keep the RHGSE running in good working condition along with the other maintenance tasks instructed in the RHGSE manuals.

Following the recommendations of preventative maintenance to the Zephyr RHGSE will keep the RHGSE in the best operating condition possible and will extend the lift of the Zephyr RHGSE.  The Zephyr RHGSE is the perfect equipment for you to use when maintaining your hoist cable and giving you the capability to perform preventative maintenance of your hoist easily and cost-effectively.



ZT-029-00 Zephyr Capstan Measurement Fixture (used for measuring 3 Groove, 4 Groove, and 5 Groove Zephyr Capstans)

Torque Gauge

7/16 Combination Wrench

5/32 T-handle Key Wrench

Push/Pull Linear Scale



Push/pull gauge