Protective Covers

RHGSE Protective Covers

The one-piece top protective cover is designed to protect the asset from moisture based corrosion; from sand, dust and microbe contaminate; from salt and sulfur-based pollutants; from Ultra Violet light degradation; and from the creation of microclimates under a cover that amplifies corrosion. The cover is soldier friendly to assure use and protection. This is defined as lightweight, packable, easily installed and removed in all weather extremes, field repairable and cleanable with soap and water. 


Used on the Zephyr Hydraulic RHGSE (Top only, color black)


Used on the Zephyr Hydraulic RHGSE with or without the Work Platform (Top only, color black)


Protective Cover for use on the Zephyr Manual and Electric RHGSE (Top only, color black)