Hydraulic RHGSE

Hydraulic Powered Versions

ZGS-10000-5 Hydraulic RHGSE includes the onboard Magnetic Inspection System (MagSens)
NSN# 1730-01-573-2486 (Was prior to Dec 2013 NSN#1680-01-573-2486)

ZGS-10000-5-1 Hydraulic RHGSE Does not include the Magnetic Inspection System
NSN# 4920-01-577-1794


Maintains positive manual tension on the wire rope as it extends and applies a heavy load over the length as it retracts while maintaining a clean and tight wire rope storage on the rescue hoist drum.

Hydrostatic Hydraulic Drive
The hydrostatic hydraulic drive consists of a 24 volt drive motor coupled to a hydraulic pump. The system uses Mil-H-5606 hydraulic fluid or other fluids such as Mil-H-83282 or general purpose AW hydraulic fluid specified by the customer.

There are two 12 volt batteries included to provide power for the system. Each battery is a sealed Absorbed Glass Mat lead acid battery. The batteries are air transportable and sealed to eliminate leakage. Two of the batteries are used in series to provide 24 VDC to the hydraulic drive motor / pump assembly.

The onboard battery charger is a totally sealed computer regulated unit that monitors and charges each battery separately. The charger maintains the batteries in top condition by regulating the charging current. Powered with three-step automatic circuitry and on-board computer control, the TPRO220 shares a total of 20-amps. This unit is fully encapsulated, making it extremely vibration resistant and completely waterproof. It is designed to be connected indefinitely keeping batteries topped off.

Back Up DC Power Adapter
The system includes a receptacle that can be used to provide 28 volts power to the take up for continuous operation or as a backup to the batteries if they are not recharged.

Capstans and pressure roller arms:
The load is transmitted to the wire rope using two capstan drive rollers. Each roller is precisely sized to accommodate the wire rope and feeding it into the rotating tub. The capstans are made from a material that maintains high friction between the wire rope and the rollers, even if the wire rope is lubricated. The wire rope is held tight against the capstans by two pressure roller arms at the entry and exit tangent points where the wire rope makes contact.

Lubridryer Assembly:
The wire rope is cleaned, dried and can be lubricated using the Lubridryer. The Lubridryer includes replaceable pads that clean the wire and also can be used to provide lubrication to the wire rope. If the rotating tub has been filled with fresh water to wash saline residue off the cable, compressed air from the on-board air compressor is fed to the Lubridryer to dry the wire rope as it is reeled back on the rescue hoist. The Lubridryer is equipped with an oil shut off valve in order to provide you the flexibility of  starting or stopping the lubricant from being released.

Wire Rope Load Indicator, Length Indicator, and Speed Indicator
The load applied to the wire rope is indicated via a digital indicator that utilizes the signal from a load cell. The length and the speed of cable in the rotating drum is indicated via digital readouts that utilize the output signal of a magnetic encoder. The cable length indicator counts up to indicate the length of cable unreeled from the rescue hoist and down as the cable length exits the rotating drum.

Rotatub and Spooler:
The wire rope is collected in a rotating tub and spooler system, which accommodates any rescue hook and bumper configuration.The incremental length of the wire rope as it reels off and on the capstans is fixed, while the incremental length of the wire rope as it lays up in the rotatub and spooler is variable. Therefore the rotatub position is compensated during reeling to accommodate the accumulated error in length. The rotatub can be filled with fresh water to rinse saline residue off the wire rope as it rotates in the tub.

Hook Attachment Point:
An eye bolt and nylon tether is included to allow applying a load to the rescue hook and the end of the cable. By lifting the front wheels of the RHGSE off the ground a 600 lbs. load is applied to the hook and cable.

(OPTIONAL) MagSens System .
The wire rope structural integrity is measured using the MagSens head. The system requires a customer supplied lap top computer to interface with the system electronics via a USB cable to measure and record permanent records of the wire rope structural integrity. (see the MagSens page)

(OPTIONAL)  ZGS-10487-1 Zephyr Hydraulic RHGSE Protective Cover:

The two piece protective cover, a top and a bottom, is designed to protect asset from moisture based corrosion; from sand, dust and microbe contaminates; from salt and sulfur based pollutants; from Ultra Violet light degradation; and from the creation of micro climates under a cover that amplifies corrosion. The cover is lightweight, packable, easily installed and removed in all weather extremes, field repairable and cleanable with soap and water.

(OPTIONAL) ZGS-10457-1 Work Platform:

The work platform is for use only with the Hydraulic RHGSE and was designed after it was observed that many hoist maintainers were standing on the hydraulic oil tank of the RHGSE, in order to reach the rescue hoist. The work platform was developed to allow the RHGSE to double as a working platform to work on the rescue hoist. It is a retrofitable kit that only requires match drilling four holes and the assembling of the platform to the RHGSE. The height of it allows easy access to external hoists on medium lift helicopters such as the Black Hawk, NH90, or Bell -412.

(OPTIONAL) ZGS-10530-1  Ski Jack Up Adapter Kit.  For use with the Zephyr Hydraulic RHGSE.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum load retracting 600 lbs / 272.7 kg
  • Minimum load retracting 10 lbs/ 4.5 kg
  • Maximum load extending 200/ 90.9 kg
  • Maximum speed extending and retracting 350 FPM
  • Maximum length wire rope – 300 ft / 91.44 m
  • Load Indication standard
  • Length Indication standard
  • Wire rope cleaning and desalination system standard
  • Onboard compressor for drying the wire rope
  • Fully automatic onboard battery charging system
  • Fully sealed Advanced Glass Mat lead acid battery system- air transportable
  • 24 Volts Electro-hydraulic drive
  • Uses Mil-H-5606 or Mil-H-83282 hydraulic fluid
  • Dimensional data: Length - 48 in / 121.9 cm , Width – 36 in / 91.4 cm, Height – 60 in / 152.4 cm (can be configured to 48 in/ 121.9 cm for transport inside the helicopter) Weight – 700 lbs / 318 kg easily transported by one person, forklift or tug.