DarkLight G2™


Introducing the DarkLight G2™

See how easy it is to install, on the video at the bottom of the page.

(DarkLight G2 supersedes the ReflectGuard and DarkLight products.)

NO airworthiness certificate required!

NO hook disassembly!


The visible and infrared light capabilities allow the hoist user to identify the rescue hook’s location during nighttime and low visibility hoist operations.

DarkLight G2 will enhance safety during rescue hoist operations for use in training, water rescue, and combat operations.

The DarkLight G2 is an LED device used to illuminate the hook assembly to enhance your rescue hoist mission during low visibility or night operations. It is equipped with green and red LEDs to be used for increased hook visibility and signaling, as well as IR compatible infrared LEDs, to be used in covert operations. No airworthiness certification is required.


The DarkLight G2 is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The device hinges open and utilize a captured spring loaded latch pin. It can be installed and removed in just seconds with no hook disassembly.

The body of the DarkLight G2 has constructed of impact resistant polycarbonate and constructed to be dust and water resistant. The device is operated by a single push button design making operation simple. The button is located at the bottom of the device and is powered by a single CR123A lithium battery providing 30+ hours of battery life.

Regardless of weather conditions, the DarkLight G2 is ideal for improving visibility during rescue hoist missions. The Darklight G2 can be a simple and effective method of signaling between ground crew and hoist operators.


DarkLight G2B

NSN: Not Assigned

(For use with Breeze Style Hooks)

Weight: 1 lb. (0.45 kg)
Height: 1.25 in. (3.18 cm)
Width: 5.20 in. (13.20 cm)


DarkLight G2G

NSN: Not Assigned

(For use with most Goodrich StyleHooks; not for use with the EC145 or EC135 or Lakota installations)

Weight: 1.10 lbs. (0.50 kg)
Height: 1.25 in. (3.18 cm)
Width: 6.06 in. (16.76 cm)

Technical Specifications

  • No hook disassembly
  • Easily installed and maintained
  • Compatible with Breeze and most Goodrich hooks
  • Illuminates the hook assembly for low visibility or night operations
  • NVG Compatible infrared LEDs for covert operations
  • Provides a simple and effective method of signaling between ground crew and hoist operators
  • Impact resistant with dust and water resistant construction
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Darklight G2

Easily Removable.


Thank you to San Diego Fire Rescue for sharing this video.