E-Kit (AxelCut™ and QuickSplice™)

The Right Tools For The Job Are Necessities, Not Accessories!


PN: ZL-1100-1
NSN: 1560-01-543-3257

The E-Kit contains the AxelCut, QuickSplice, and a mounting plate, which allows the equipment to be mounted on the aircraft for easy access when needed.

AxelCut:  The Right Tool for the Job

Why you need an AxelCut:    Airborne hoist rescues rarely happen on calm seas or nice days. If the hoist cable gets caught in a ship’s rigging, trees, rocks, railings or worse yet around the rescuer’s neck, the cable needs to be cut quickly. The existing two-handed cable cutters are too slow, ineffective, and not designed for this purpose. The hoist installed cable cutter will cut the cable inside the hoist thus ending any chance of continuing the life-saving mission.   The AxelCut is unaffected by EMI, lightning, or any other possible hoist system failures and is designed for low cost and a long life.There are no explosive charges or shelf life issues, no ITAR issues, and it can cut the cable repeatedly.  The AxelCut can also save significant down time if the cable must be cut; because if the ballistic hoist mounted cable cutter is used the hoist system will have to be rebuilt, and the cartridge will have to be replaced.

AxelCut  can be purchased separately.  

Part # ZL-1000-1 AxelCut 
NSN# 5110-01-521-1998

However, with the AxelCut and a QuickSplice, you can finish the mission. The specially designed AxelCut is a light weight one handed airborne hoist emergency cable cutter. The cutting blades are made from high quality steel.    The AxelCut can cut the cable an unlimited amount of times and can be installed in various ways to best fit your aircraft.    The AxelCut, with its fast, clean, and one handed cut, allows the use of a quick splice plate; permitting the ballistic hoist installed cable cutter to be used as the backup for helicopter emergencies.

QuickSplice:  Allows the SAR Mission to be Completed!

Why you need a QuickSplice:  If the wire rope breaks or becomes entangled and must be cut, the QuickSplice can replace the rescue hook, in circumstances where there are no other options available.  The QuickSplice provides a fast and safe method of attaching a rescue hook when all else fails allowing the mission to be completed!

The QuickSplice has been tested to hold loads up to 2500lbs (1133.98kg).

The QuickSplice can be purchased separately.   

Part # ZL-6000-3 QuickSplice with Slide Lock Hook      
Part # ZL-6024-1 QuickSplice with Slide Lock Hook and Mounting Bracket.

Technical Specifications

  • -> True one handed cutting capability for airborne hoist cables.
  • -> Lightweight, cuts clean, fast, and easy.
  • -> Allows for repeated cutting capability.
  • -> Reduces life cycle costs, less expensive than hoist squib and refire kits.
  • -> Permits hoist installed squib to be used as the backup cable cutter.
  • -> Solves the reliability problem with existing cutters, eliminating inadvertent releases, and no-fire possibility.
  • -> Unaffected by EMI, lightning or any other possible hoist system failures.
  • -> Qualified to +160°F, -40°F, Salt Fog, and Endurance
  • -> Installation and qualification data will be provided upon request.
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AxelCut Demo

AxelCut in Action

Thank you to Auckland Rescue for this video.

QuickSplice Demo